Make the most of digital technology

31 March 2021
3 min read

Paul Abrahams explains why now is the time to incorporate digital technology into your practice.

It is clear that digital technology help make it easier for dental professionals to keep pace with the demands and expectations of today’s patients. The adoption of digital technology has certainly made the Covid-19 working environment far less challenging for some dental practices, playing a significant role in their accelerated recovery. Although the pandemic left many practices with little choice but to embrace digital technology, dental professionals are beginning to fully realise its potential, particularly in terms of streamlining the restorative workflow and enhancing the overall standard of care provided.

Why go digital?
Dental teams now have access to a wide range of ground-breaking digital solutions that reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of errors to ensure higher consistency, accuracy and efficiency at every stage of the restorative treatment journey. Intraoral scanners, for instance, enable clinicians to take a digital impression within seconds – an experience that is more comfortable, precise and far less messy for both patient and practitioner. These scans can then be shared with a dental laboratory, enabling improved communication and collaboration with dental technicians, who can utilise the data to create the best fitting restorations.

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