Make your business stand out

01 February 2024

Adam Shaw considers ways to improve efficiency and grow your practice.

What makes your practice stand out from the rest? Is it your team of specialists? Your unique décor? The flexibility you offer patients? In an increasingly competitive environment, distinguishing yourself from the crowd has never been more difficult. That’s why it’s so important to reinvest in the business continually. From the team, you create to your marketing activities and building maintenance, actively working on the business is essential for short and long term success. 

A major area that dental practices invest in today is their equipment and technology. In what is becoming an increasingly digital profession, access to some of the latest equipment is vital for dental teams striving to deliver high-quality, efficient and long-lasting patient care. There are several ways in which the right equipment can impact the business.

Quality of care

Modern solutions have been designed to improve the quality of care that can be delivered across all healthcare sectors. For instance, health information technology has been identified for its potential to reduce human error, improve clinical outcomes, improve care coordination and increase efficiencies. Within dentistry, intraoral scanners have been shown to be significantly faster and more efficient than conventional impression methods in some cases, with no compromise in accuracy.

Improved clinical care and enhanced outcomes are just one way in which clinicians can encourage patient satisfaction and, therefore, their loyalty to the practice. Good patient relationships can also positively influence professional job satisfaction, and a happy team that provides excellent dentistry is the only kind of team that will make your practice truly stand out.


Whether attempting to tackle the backlog of NHS patients seeking care or trying to grow and sustain your private dental business, productivity is crucial in everyday activities. In the same way that the right equipment and technology streamline the patient experience, they can also facilitate more efficient workflows for the professional team. You need equipment that functions how you need it to, that will adapt to your work rather than the other way around.

The benefits are multiple – smoother daily routines for the team, and faster surgery turnaround times mean more patients can be seen without compromising the quality of care delivered. Not only does this support patient access to care, but it also optimises profitability for the business.


Just as you need equipment to promote efficiency in the practice, you also need it to be reliable. An all-singing-all-dancing imaging machine is a fantastic investment for practices that provide a lot of implant treatment – but it is a worthless addition if it is constantly breaking down.

That’s why practices must invest in technologies that can be trusted to work consistently and correctly. Equipment must be of a high enough quality to withstand the rigours of daily life in the practice to be durable and robust. It can help to choose a supplier with a reputation for reliable equipment and one that offers rapid technical support in the event of a malfunction. It’s important that you are confident you can get your practice back up and running with minimal downtime should an issue occur. You need your business to stand out but for all the right reasons.

Buy right, buy once

Regardless of whether you are investing in new imaging equipment, decontamination solutions or dental units, you want to buy right the first time. Most practices will follow a thorough decision-making process to adequately research the options on the market and determine which are most suitable for the business. Both the technology itself and the support services available alongside should be measured against the aforementioned areas, in addition to any specific criteria required for your team or patients.

For industry-leading solutions that come with exceptional customer support, consider working with RPA Dental for your dental chair, imaging equipment and decontamination needs. A range of technologies are available, including brands like Stern Weber, Castellini, MyRay, KaVo and Mocom. The team is also committed to going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you have all the information, inspiration and support you need to bring your vision to life.

Mehdi Yazdi has been a customer for some time and commented, “It has been a real pleasure working with RPA Dental over the last five years. They give me on-going support and guidance, to ensure our practice can continue to flourish and grow.”

There are many things you can do to make your practice stand out. Many of these are optimised by utilising the right technology and equipment, so investing wisely in this area is essential. 


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