Making use of the pause

01 July 2020
Volume 38 · Issue 7

Catherine Rutland reflects on the opportunity provided by the unique circumstances of the past few months.

Never before has dentistry in the UK had to pause as it has done in the last few months. Whilst much has been focused on the negative of this, rightly so, people are now starting to talk about how we look forward and if we can draw out any positives.

As I was reflecting on this, it occurred to me that for some of us, there has been no pause. I have had to consider long and hard whether or not to write the next couple of paragraphs. I have become well aware over the last few months that every word I say or write is analysed and can be misinterpreted, and the sentiment can be misunderstood. However, I feel I need to take that risk and hope it is read with the spirit in which it is written.

When you are in general dental practice, it can be easy to forget all the people who support that. I know from my own days in practice how true this is. Most dentists in this country work in general dental practice and it can therefore be easy to forget anybody who works outside of that.

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