Managing the situation

01 January 2018
1 min read

The life of any patient can be at immediate risk during a medical emergency. The entire dental team have a responsibility to be prepared to take direct action in that instance in order to save lives. 


Knowledge is key

Although medical emergencies are unpredictable, dental practitioner, Brian Needham proved how invaluable knowledge and experience can be when he saved the life of a patient suffering from a heart attack in his practice earlier this year. The General Dental Council states that it is essential for all members of staff in the dental practice to be adequately trained in dealing with medical emergencies, including resuscitation, and evidence must be kept of any relevant courses. It is also recommended that staff complete a course of basic life support training once a year.


Follow procedures

In the event of a medical emergency, the Resuscitation Council (RC) guidelines advise to stay calm and ensure that you and your staff are safe before examining the patient through the ABCDE approach to assess if they look unwell:

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