Medal-winning smile

03 October 2019
1 min read

Dina said, “I wanted to revise my smile to ensure it was as media-fit as I am race fit.  However, it isn’t acceptable to wear braces when you are in the public eye, so I wanted to have Invisalign treatment to realign my teeth – incognito! I wore them for 20 hours a day - I trained in them, I ran in them, I raced in them. 

“I am a naturally positive person and am lucky that I do a job that I love, so I don’t have a great number of worries. As an athlete I am keen to take ownership of any concerns and address them directly if possible. For example, I had noticed I would like straighter teeth, so I went to speak with an orthodontist. We agreed that Invisalign treatment to straighten my teeth would not only improve my smile, but just as importantly would not affect my training.

“I told everyone I was having treatment, but they stared at my teeth and said, ‘where are your braces?’ I told them I am wearing my aligners and they peered at me really closely to see if they could see anything. 

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