Metal-Bite: the reference material for dental applications

27 October 2021
1 min read

Early in the 2000s, the classical dark grey Metal-Bite was introduced as the first universal fast setting auto mixing vinyl polysiloxane for universal precision intraoral registrations (static occlusion registrates in hicp) - and optionally for chairside and lab side powder-free scanning.

Your benefits at a glance: Metal-Bite offers you a universal and scannable precision registration material for chairside and lab side indications and a comfortable working time for a stress free registration. It offers an excellent thixotropic behaviour (excellent standing and flowable character), an excellent snap-set (this is a temporally steep, sigmoidal (S-form) phase history during the polymerisation phase) and a precise detail reproduction with a high Shore-D hardness to prevent deformation. Metal-Bite offers an excellent cutting, contouring and easy withdrawal from the mouth. The registrations are rigid and easy to trim.

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