Minister questions why dentistry was not addressed in the king’s speech

13 November 2023

Helen Morgan, Liberal Democrat MP for North Shropshire, has criticised the government for failing to address the crisis in NHS dental care.

It comes after the King’s Speech, which sets out the government’s key policy priorities for the next term of Parliament, failed to mention dentistry in any form.

This is despite the ever-shrinking number of NHS appointments and lack of accessible care in rural areas that has led to people performing their own DIY dentistry.

Helen has been campaigning on the lack of appointments available in rural counties like Shropshire and is currently petitioning residents. Nearly 2,000 have now signed, supporting her call to reform NHS contracts and improve recruitment in rural areas.

The campaign has won the support of patients and dentists across the region, who are all desperate for the situation to be improved.

Helen said, “Dentistry is in a state of crisis, with far too many patients unable to access the care they need. Many people in North Shropshire can’t get an NHS dentist at all, and many are having to travel long distances.

With the King’s Speech, the government had a chance to commit to listening to dentists and patients alike, reforming NHS contracts and improving recruitment in rural areas. Instead, they have continued to ignore the problem.

“People in Shropshire can still sign my petition to demand better dental provision and show the strength of support locally – we have had nearly 2,000 signatures and are getting more and more in every day.”

You can sign Helen's Dental petition here.