MPs urge Chancellor to throw dentists a lifeline

22 April 2020
1 min read

Fleur Anderson, Labour MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields has led efforts in parliament, delivering a stark warning to the government that unless urgent action is taken dental practices across the country will not recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

It builds on BDA polling showing over 70 per cent of practices report they can only remain financially sustainable for three months or less and only one in five believe they can only survive the month.

Over three-quarters of dentists will receive no support from government support schemes for the self-employed. Hundreds of BDA members have been reaching out to their MPs in recent days.

Fleur Anderson commented, “Unless urgent and immediate action is taken by the government, the entire dentistry sector in the UK faces financial ruin. Dentists are frontline health professionals providing a vital service to communities, we cannot abandon them. They are also vital local businesses and employers, but the Chancellor’s support package doesn’t cover them. I have been deeply alarmed by what dentists in my constituency have told me that they won’t be able to cover their costs for the next two months and so will have to close."

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