New GC Initial LiSi Block webinar

18 January 2022
1 min read

A new webinar on ‘Lithiumdisilicate made easy’, sponsored by GC, is coming January 27.

The webinar, Cerec CAD/CAM materials: GC Initial LiSi Block, will be an online-only event and will run from 18:00-19:00 GMT; it will be presented by Andreas Kurbad.

The webinar will be a part of the new series, ‘Cerec CAD/CAM Materials’, and will present the new GC Initial LiSi Blocks. This is a new material, which consists of fully crystallized lithiumdisilicate. No additional firing is necessary. The restorations can be cemented directly after milling.

Throughout the webinar, you will learn about the material specifications, including what makes LiSi different, why they are millible in the crystalised stage, what their main physical and chemical properties are and how they compare with other CAD/ CAM materials.

Indication, selection of colour and translucency and preparation and specification for the deign in the Cerec software will also be explored.

Workflow one will cover polish and cementation, and adjusting the form with stones, along with key-step polishing – how to polish to the highest lustre in two minutes.

Meanwhile, workflow two will discuss staining and glazing, the introduction of the Initial One Sqin System, preparation of the ceramic, effective staining in one step and firing parameters in different furnaces.

Finally, the webinar will also cover adhesive luting of LiSi restorations, pre-treatment to the ceramic surface – etching and silane, ‘The fast way: G-Cem One’ and ‘The aesthetic alternative: G-Cem Veneer’.

The webinar is free to attend.

Register here.