New IAS Academy course is a hit

03 August 2021
1 min read

Presh Mulay has begun a new training programme now available from IAS Academy – the Complete GDP course. He shares why he sought training and what he thinks of it so far, explaining, “After being a general dentist for 20 years and still being unable to tackle complex cases, I knew I would benefit from further training. I have been referring a lot of treatments to restorative specialists, but I wanted to gain the confidence to treat some of the cases myself.

“The programme went beyond what I wanted to achieve. Dawson Academy courses were recommended to me about siz years back, but I was unable to undertake them at the time. In the last lockdown, I contacted Ian Buckle who suggested I start reading ‘From TMJ to Smile Design’ by Peter Dawson. It was hard reading because it felt complicated, but still intuitively felt right. It spurred me to attend online webinars run by the Dawson Academy. Attending the IAS Complete GDP course was a natural follow-up, especially with Ian as one of the instructors.

“Ian, Chris, Neil, Bhu, Daz and Andy were all very helpful throughout the course. More hands-on sessions meant we could put theory into practice immediately. I found the pre-course webinars useful and being able to meet other clinicians face-to-face after being apart for almost 12 months was good for the soul. 

“I have already started implementing what has been taught so far in my practice. As Ian says, ‘who does not deserve a complete exam?’ I now can’t look inside a patient’s mouth without looking at everything. This systematic approach reduces the risk of errors or omissions.”  

Reflecting on the IAS Academy ethos in general, Presh adds, “I first did Tif Qureshi’s Inman Aligner course in 2009 and IAS Academy has evolved quite a lot since then. The online courses are very good and the online forum is even better. There are lots of experienced general dentists offering insights and advice on your cases, which makes you feel supported when a case is not going as expected.

“I have already recommended the new Complete GDP course to others. Clinicians would benefit from it early in their careers and should not wait 20 years like I did. It will inspire those stuck in the rut doing basic dentistry and put them in a good place for progression.” 

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