New restrictions could cripple independent dentists, opticians and pharmacists, says Rangewell

06 November 2020
2 min read

Analysing the Office for National Statistics sector-specific monthly GDP estimate, Rangewell has learnt that health and social care has seen a dramatic drop in GDP since February. While some sectors saw output return close to their February levels, health and social care has flatlined 25 per cent below the February standard.

Analysing the story behind the numbers, Rangewell found that:

You can read the full report here.

Rangewell is calling on the government to:

Nic Conner, who authored the report and is Rangewell’s head of research, said, “Our highstreet dentists, opticians and pharmacists are in crisis. There needs to be urgent action taken to save our community of healthcare providers. The further restrictions could be crippling to independent practices, many of whom, without support, will be forced to shut up shop.

“Like many businesses, the health sector saw a drastic drop in economic output when, on the whole, they were legally obliged to close. Even after restrictions lifted, the sector’s GDP had flatlined at 20 per cent below its February levels, with no sign of a v-shaped recovery on the horizon.

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