New smile transforms a life

27 November 2019
2 min read

Twenty-year-old Fozia Jatani suffered bullying at school and had to have therapy and medication for depression because of her amelogenesis imperfecta – a condition so rare that many of the dentists she saw didn’t recognise it.

But now, thanks to multi award-winning Ken Harris of Sunderland’s Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry, Fozia has something to smile about – a perfect set of teeth.

Fozia, originally from Brighton but currently studying public health at the University of Sunderland, said the transformation has changed her life.

It has put an end to years of misery because of the disorder, which means the enamel doesn’t form properly and can leave the sufferer not only having extremely discoloured teeth but also dealing with extreme sensitivity.

“My teeth were always really brown and I used to get bullied at school by people asking me if I didn’t own a toothbrush,” said Fozia.

“Even school nurses thought I was a smoker because they were so brown. At the same time, I couldn’t eat anything cold or anything sweet because it caused me so much pain.”

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