New specialist dental accountant website launched

16 March 2021
1 min read

The Ross Brooke Dental website went live earlier this month. With a new name but a long-established history in the dental world, Ross Brooke Dental comprises specialist dental accountants Linda Giles and Nathan Poole and their administrative team.

Together they provide financial advice and accounting services to scores of successful dentists and orthodontists. Case studies and testimonials from a sample of clients are woven into the website to showcase the in-depth and highly supportive service they provide.

Ross Brooke’s services include:

  • A client commitment which explicitly sets out what clients can expect 
  • An annual review, where the team works with clients to reflect on their business in the past year and plan for the future
  • Support with personal financial issues – because it can be hard to separate your dental business from the rest of your life 
  • An annual fee which covers the services you want; the Ross Brooke Dental team never undertakes a role or takes a fee for a role that someone else is better equipped to deliver, such as a practice sale, pension advice, marketing or recruitment
  • Additional expert advice on non-dental issues can be provided by Ross Brooke accountants, of which Ross Brooke Dental is the dental specialist arm

Visit the website at