New statistics reveal surge in demand for orthodontics during the pandemic

07 May 2021

New figures from The British Orthodontic Society reveal a surge in adults seeking orthodontic treatment since the start of the pandemic. With close-up video conferencing the new work norm, people have never been more conscious of our teeth.

The ‘zoom boom’ in tooth straightening has been highlighted recently in the national press with BOS stats leading the story.

Anjli Patel, director of external relations at the BOS, commented, “It is interesting to see the rise in demand for orthodontic treatment over the last 12 months. I know from patients I see at my practice that many have become increasingly more aware of their teeth through the ‘zoom effect’. We want to ensure patients are given the very best advice about orthodontic treatment.  Tooth straightening can give people the confident smile they’ve always dreamed about.”