New stats show Northern Ireland dentists are “at breaking point”

04 September 2018
1 min read

The comments were made as the dentists’ trade union responded to the publication of NHS Digital Dental Earnings and Expenses, and Dental Working Hours reports that examine morale and motivation levels within the profession. 

The reports highlight a number of stark findings among Health Service practitioners:

Commenting on the findings, Richard Graham, chair of the BDA NI’s Dental Practice Committee, said, “This official data paints a particularly bleak picture of what GDPs in Northern Ireland have been warning about for some time. Nine years of successive government imposed pay caps, soaring expenses, increased regulation, the risk of litigation and rising indemnity fees, at the same time as direct cuts on the GDS budget, has created this downward spiral. The full financial impact, and the very real human impact is clearly evidenced by the government’s own figures.

“The situation where high street dentists have suffered a real term 38 per cent decline in income levels over the past decade, to the point where the majority question their future in the profession, is as serious as it gets.

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