Online working has triggered a rise in adults seeking tooth straightening treatment, says a survey

18 August 2023

Over three-quarters (76 per cent) of orthodontists have reported an increase in adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment within the past three years. 

As the demand for adult orthodontics increases, so do the options for patients. A survey by the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) has revealed that the cost of living is having an impact on patients seeking treatment. There is concern that people may put themselves in danger with ‘direct to the consumer’ teeth straightening – also known as ‘DIY braces’. A staggering 88 per cent of orthodontists surveyed are concerned that more patients will be seeking ‘DIY’ treatment options as a result of the pandemic and move to digital communication and commoditisation of healthcare.

The rise of online working/socialising and video calls is also having an impact on patients. Over half of orthodontists (65 per cent) say this is a factor for patients seeking treatment. In addition, over a third (38 per cent) say their adult patients are influenced by influencers and celebrities.

Anjli Patel, BOS director of external relations, commented, “It is great to see the number of adults interested in orthodontics remains high and we want to ensure patients are given the very best advice about orthodontic treatment. Our members, specialists and dentists with a special interest, offer a range of options for adults, enabling them to provide a solution to any kind of orthodontic problem.”