Optimise full arch rehabilitation with effective planning

17 January 2022
3 min read

Ferhan Ahmed shares a recent case where he provided planning and surgical support to a colleague – Melanie Edwards of West Parade Dental care in Lincoln – for an implant case as part of the training programme he offers.

A female, 67-year-old patient presented seeking an alternative solution to her existing upper denture. She was struggling with movement of the denture whilst speaking and eating and it was beginning to affect her confidence and ability to communicate with others. She was very conscious of the denture moving around and slipping down, and this was having an increasingly negative impact on her quality of life.

A comprehensive medical history and clinical assessment was conducted. Aside from being a well-controlled asthmatic, the patient was fit and well, with no other health concerns. Her oral hygiene was good and there were no abnormalities detected.

After discussing the patient’s concerns with her, four treatment options were presented:

The patient was most interested in the fixed solution due to the convenience and peace of mind this would provide. 

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