Oral-B welcomes the future of oral health in bold new ad to introduce its most revolutionary technology to date, the Oral-B iO

07 September 2020
1 min read

The most advanced toothbrush on the market represents a new era of brushing technology, design and experience that delivers a professional clean feeling every single day.

Oral-B’s iO transforms brushing from something very functional into a high-tech focus of beauty and desire, representing a completely new approach to how Oral-B advertises its products. For a sneak peek at the new AD please see here.

This is something that has been replicated across the wider Oral-B product range, with the new brand Vis-ID using a deeper, more luxurious, colour palette and a series of revamped iconic assets that have been updated in line with the brand’s renewed emphasis on advanced technology.

Adam Parker, brand director at Oral-B UK and Ireland says, “Oral-B is recognised as the number one dentist recommended brand worldwide and our product performance is appreciated every day by over 17m British consumers that use our toothbrushes. With the launch of our new TV commercial, we wanted to communicate what makes Oral-B electric toothbrushes so unique: the wow feeling of a professional clean.”

“It’s incredibly exciting to air a new commercial that brings together the ‘wow’ users feel when they use our products, with superior technology and beautiful design. Despite being a new look and feel for the brand, the commercial delights viewers and dental professionals alike. With the new Oral-B TV commercial and the launch of Oral-B iO, the future of toothbrushing is here.”

The TV ad campaign, created by PG ONE New York and PG ONE London first aired on ITV on August 31 at 7.30PM, and on Channel 4 at 9PM.