Oral Health Foundation suggests new ‘pudding tax’

27 August 2019
2 min read

A proposed levy could include puddings and desserts, biscuits, chocolate and sweet confectionary.

The Oral Health Foundation is calling for government officials to act quickly by implementing a ‘pudding tax’ to stop Britain’s unhealthy association with sugar.

Here is why the charity believes a ‘pudding tax’ is needed:

Past success

In April 2018, the government brought in the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, otherwise known as the sugar tax. It applies to drinks with more than 8g of added sugar per 100ml.

The tax forced manufacturers to lower their sugar content or face a tax rate equivalent to 24p per litre. As a result, many of them did. So much so that the new levy brought in £800m less than it was forecast to. 

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