Orthodontic specialists announce partnership

03 February 2023
Left to right: David Drew and Sunil Purba.
Left to right: David Drew and Sunil Purba.

Two of the UK’s leading disrupters in the orthodontic sector have announced they have signed a partnership agreement and forged an even more collaborative approach to support orthodontists in the UK and Ireland. 

DentalMonitoring is the orthodontic sector’s most advanced remote monitoring system which uses its AI-powered intelligent platform and patented technology to detect and monitor 130+ oral observations, remotely, so practices know exactly when a patient needs an in-person appointment.  It also allows practices to adopt a fully digital workflow and provides them with data and insights enabling them to adapt their workflows and treat patients more effectively. The DentalMonitoring system is treatment agnostic and can monitor both clear aligners and fixed braces.          

The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO) is the leading group of specialist orthodontic practices in the UK and Ireland, with a growing member base, and with some of the UK’s most influential and forward-thinking practitioners. The group’s members are dedicated to treating patients using invisible techniques and are at the forefront of digital innovation within their practices. Although the practices are independent, TIO brings its members together to work collaboratively to advance their deep understanding of orthodontics, business management, sales and marketing. Members benefit from an online learning platform, dedicated digital strategists and practice consultants, as well as access to the global TIO network, containing over 200 doctors and 600 team members.

The evolution of orthodontics from analogue to digital has gathered momentum since the pandemic and this has allowed practices to increase their efficiencies and provide better patient care, with more control over their clinical outcomes.  TIO reports that 88 per cent of its practices offered virtual consultations from the first week of lockdown, using DentalMonitoring. This allowed them to continue to treat their patients without a pause. The figure has now increased to 95 per cent of TIO practices which benefit from enhanced digital workflows, reduced chair time and improved productivity.

TIO members were some of the first adopters of the DentalMonitoring system. They were involved in the original piloting for the device and platform, which helped steer the efficacy and direction of the technology. The partnership will mean that TIO members will be invited to pilot future developments to the system, putting them at the forefront. This will benefit both organisations, as well as patients treated by TIO dentists. It’s members will also derive a number of other benefits including discounts.  

The two organisations will also support one another’s events; and TIO will be present at four regional Forum meetings being staged by DentalMonitoring in Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh and London in 2023.  

Commenting on the partnership, TIO’s CEO Sunil Purba stated, “We have worked side by side with DentalMonitoring for some time, and there is little doubt that the system was fundamental to helping our members to continue to work during the pandemic and their patients to continue with their treatments without interruption. Since then, the value of the system has been proven again and again. Making our partnership official will further enhance what we can offer our membership, and in turn, they can offer their patients.”

He added, “The partnership with DentalMonitoring will also extend to our Australian and New Zealand operation, our founding region, where we have an equally powerful membership base.”

Whilst David Drew, who is the UKI General Manager for DentalMonitoring commented, “We are delighted to go live with news about this extremely powerful alliance and have mapped out a number of strategic goals which will benefit both organisations.  We are particularly enthusiastic about the potential for evaluating new iterations and applications of our system with such engaged and skilled orthodontists, which will enable us to continue to shape our future releases with their input.  We will be sharing news about a number of new initiatives we are working on jointly in the coming months and are excited by the prospect of growing both organisations together.”

For more information about DentalMonitoring visit https://dental-monitoring.com

For more information about The Invisible Orthodontist visit www.tiointernational.com