Orthodontics and oral hygiene compliance

07 December 2020
3 min read

Maxwell O’Neill discusses the need to get the right tools for the job.

Dentistry is no longer the painful, terror-inducing process it once was. Industry advances have resulted in a higher quality of care, increased comfort, and more minimally invasive treatment options that enable patients to enhance the health and appearance of their smile safely and effectively. Therefore, it’s no surprise that orthodontic procedures have become increasingly sought after in recent years, particularly as there are many solutions available now that offer patients a discreet way of achieving straighter teeth.

Patient motivation to invest in orthodontics is being further driven by social media trends and celebrity culture. Famous faces aren’t afraid to use their online platforms to promote orthodontic treatment amongst their fans and followers, who – as statistics show – are the increasingly health-conscious, tech-savvy millennials that outstrip other generations when it comes to spending on their smiles. In fact, adults under 35 are splashing out a staggering £750 a year on dental treatment, spending around four times more than their parents and nearly eight times that of their grandparents.

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