Partnership bridges academia and industry to create unprecedented opportunities

06 July 2023
Left to right: Leyla Ibrahimli, Dr Joy Elian ElHayek, Dr Hani Tohme, Martin Ravets at the Dentaverse experience booth during the Centennial event. (Image: Dentaverse)
Left to right: Leyla Ibrahimli, Dr Joy Elian ElHayek, Dr Hani Tohme, Martin Ravets at the Dentaverse experience booth during the Centennial event. (Image: Dentaverse)

In a move that would seem inevitable in hindsight, Dentaverse, a leading innovator in dental technology, has forged a strategic alliance with the prestigious University Saint Joseph of Beirut (USJ). This landmark collaboration not only signifies an important milestone for both Dentaverse and USJ but is also a crucial step towards bridging the gap between academia and industry. The partnership aims to create a favourable environment for collaboration, facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise between Dentaverse and the accomplished researchers and scholars of USJ.

To commemorate this partnership, the Dentaverse team embarked on their first trip to Lebanon, joining the celebrations of the 100th-year anniversary of the faculty of dental medicine at University Saint Joseph of Beirut, held from June 1 to 3, 2023. The team was welcomed with open arms by hosts, providing an ideal backdrop for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Dr Joy Elian ElHayek, instructor for digital dentistry & technology Department of Dental Medicine, was instrumental in making this partnership happen. She emerged as a great host, with a progressive mindset toward the use of technology such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain in dental medicine and education. Joy's enthusiasm for the potential of these technologies aligns perfectly with the innovative approach of Dentaverse, making her an invaluable asset in fostering collaboration between the two entities.

As she stated throughout the event, "We are not followers, we are pioneers", stressing the importance of being an early adopter of Web3 technologies and their integration with dental education.

At the university’s centennial celebration, a special VR platform created by Dentaverse exclusively for the guests visiting the event was unveiled. This was a first-of-its-kind showcase in the MENA region, affirming USJ's reputation as a pioneering institution willing to embrace the latest technology.

The platform is publicly accessible through the following link: USJ University Campus ( It consists of a general welcome hall and two dedicated rooms: Phantom Room and Virtual Clinic.

The Phantom Room is designed to be used for virtual training purposes, while virtual clinics make virtual patient consultations possible. Simulation units and heads from leading dental manufacturers such as Frasaco and Saratoga were effectively presented. Students can now intercommunicate and analyse panoramic X-ray scans together, practising the diagnosis and treatment planning stage of patient cases.

USJ campus in metaverse: Bridging past and the future, entering a new age of virtual education.

The guests who attended the event showed a keen curiosity and willingness to embrace VR and Blockchain technology in dentistry. They eagerly explored the special Dentaverse x USJ virtual platform. They also provided invaluable feedback so that future developments can be attuned to the needs and expectations of dental researchers, professionals and students.

In addition, USJ organised exclusive VIP sessions with groups of USJ staff members, Arab deans and ambassadors, and international key opinion leaders such as representatives of Sapienza University of Italy in attendance.

Martin Ravets, Dentaverse founder, and Dr Alwaleed Albadr, Dentaverse chief MENA officer, presented the USJ Campus Platform. They talked about the transformative potential of these technologies in education and the road to their adoption in universities. Titled ‘A travel into Dentaverse: One-way ticket to the virtual faculty of dental medicine’, these sessions further led to the exchange of ideas and knowledge, fostering collaboration between all stakeholders.