Patient implant treatment demand surges following increased tooth extractions during pandemic

12 October 2020
2 min read

Dental practices in Scotland are seeing a surge in patient referrals for dental implant treatments. It follows four months where limited treatments available at NHS Dental Hubs during lockdown have left patients no choice but to succumb to tooth extraction to ease their toothache.

Halo Dental, situated in Annfield Place, Glasgow, is a well-established dental practice that offers both NHS and Private dental treatments and has been offering dental implant treatment to patients for more than 10 years.

Dentists throughout the west of Scotland choose to refer their patients for dental implant treatment due to its reputation for excellent patient care and aesthetic clinical results.

Duncan Black, lead dentist at Halo Dental, has been offering dental implant treatment to patients for around 15 years. He has seen a huge change in the patient journey for dental implant treatment over the last six months.

He said, “Since we’ve been able to get back to doing more normal and advanced treatments again, we’ve seen a huge change in how patients are finding their way to Halo Dental.

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