Picking a card from The Mind Flossing toolkit

13 December 2021
3 min read

Mahrukh Khwaja, creator of The Mind Flossing Toolkit, shares some of her favourite cards with The Dentist. 

The Mind Flossing Toolkit consists of a deck of cards to nurture greater well-being and resilience. Mahrukh – AKA Mind Ninja – discusses the challenge of selecting her favourite cards, explaining, “Sharing my favourite cards is a bit like choosing a favourite child. For me, their creation was a labour of love for the dental profession, with the aim of using positive psychology intervention to help my colleagues throughout the UK foster positive thoughts, feelings and actions.” 

The Mind Flossing toolkit in its entirety is packed with easy-to-follow activities, that can be used both when you are with patients and at home.  

They are designed as a pocket-sized guide you can carry with you, to nudge you to take intentional well-being actions. Bite-size activities range from meditation and journaling to creative exercises.  

They offer the opportunity to explore well-being under the umbrella of mindfulness and self-compassion, including team resilience, gratitude, optimism, character strengths, values and meaning. 

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