Polyether innovation from 3M: How to capture every detail in just two minutes

07 August 2018
2 min read

Not only can it save time and effort in the dental office and laboratory, but it can also save the patient from potential remakes. New 3M Impregum Super Quick Polyether Impression Material – the first true superfast polyether – combines the trusted performance and reliability of a polyether with the speed of a VPS.

New Impregum Super Quick Material is available in two consistencies, medium and light body, and can be used in the monophase and 1-step impression techniques. Both materials have a working time of 45 seconds and an intra-oral setting time of two minutes, making them perfectly suited for single-unit restorations like crowns, implants, inlays/onlays and smaller bridges up to three units. The short intra-oral setting time combined with a significantly improved fresh, minty taste provide increased patient comfort. The new material also has the trusted polyether benefits: moisture tolerance, great flowability and a consistent flow throughout the whole working time. They ensure highly detailed and accurate impressions.

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