Putting you in control

28 November 2020
2 min read

Ryan Shaw asks, if you can control your central heating from your phone and have a personal assistant called Alexa, shouldn’t you have a little help at work too?

Siri, Hive and Alexa all pervade our home life and make it possible to access and control elements of our homes with ease and efficiency. The digital age does not stop when we leave our homes; you can also remotely take control of your surgery too. VistaSoft monitor, for example, offers a revolutionary way to keep a close eye on your equipment. Once installed on a surgery’s computer it will allow various equipment within the practice to be connected to the network, so the user as well as technicians stay informed about the status of products in real time. This has proved invaluable in the recent climate where access has been restricted and practices are understandably reluctant to open their surgeries to technicians if the problem can be resolved remotely.

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