Rapid makeover

06 September 2021
3 min read

Richard Brown describes how he treated a patient with microdontia and crowding, delivering a minimally invasive outcome within just three appointments.

Direct composite resin restorations offer an expedient treatment for many patients. The technique is quick, cost-effective, and requires little natural tooth preparation. The restorations are easy to maintain and may also provide a convenient option for patients preferring to avoid orthodontic alignment.

A lady in her 40s came to see me at Clifton Dental Surgery in Bristol because she wanted to change the appearance of her teeth and the aesthetics of her smile (fig 1). Her daughter had previously undergone treatment with me and, having seen the smile transformation, she was also keen to seize the opportunity.

The patient had moderate to severe crowding and microdontia, specifically upper peg laterals and small premolars (fig 2). We explored the option of orthodontic treatment with traditional methods or clear aligners, followed by composite edge-bonding to the upper dentition. We also discussed a bonding only treatment plan. The patient opted for bonding only, preferring a rapid, non-invasive option which avoided drilling or extensive tooth preparation.

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