Rebuilding your recruitment strategy

03 December 2020
3 min read

Lisa McCusker explains how to get the best recruits for your team.

It is no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the employment landscape dramatically. Within highly impacted industries such as dentistry, the reality is that some businesses will continue to find themselves furloughing or laying off staff. Others will be scrambling to scale up their workforce in order to accommodate an influx of patients seeking treatment. This is unchartered territory for many dental practice owners, especially those who have had to make difficult decisions in the face of uncertainty. With practices adapting to a new state of ‘normality’, now is the time to reassess your recruitment goals and make any necessary adjustments based on recent changes in the market.

No matter whether you are freezing, stabilising or ramping up hiring, a sound recruitment strategy is essential to ensure you have the right team at your back – both now and in the future. This is particularly important given that you are likely to be among the many businesses looking to bounce back quickly from the Covid-19 crisis. As such, if you lack the appropriately trained staff to support the increased demand for dental services, you and your team could easily become overwhelmed, overworked and unable to provide the high quality care that patients expect. When it comes to rebuilding your recruitment strategy, there are some key factors to consider.

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