Reliable service

28 April 2021
3 min read

Scott Evans discusses why you should always seek the people and services who provide your business with the best.

Thanks to the pandemic, many businesses have adapted their way of working. From restaurants offering a takeaway service to personal trainers delivering workouts via Zoom, and everything in between; we’re all finding ways to earn a living under the current restrictions.

As healthcare providers, we know that dental practices are safe places for patients to visit but that still doesn’t mean the profession escaped the perils of lockdown. Three months (or more) of closures followed by new guidelines and protocols to implement means that in some ways, you too will have adapted your ways of working in order to continue to offer your patients the service they expect and deserve.

Things like fallow time have meant the numbers of patients coming through your door on any one day is now very restricted, but we are seeing lots of clever dental practices getting around this by offering virtual appointments via video calls for things like cosmetic consultations. This allows you to have the conversations that patients want, without having to use your surgery time.

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