Restorative system deemed suitable for medium to large class II restorations

10 November 2023

A five-year multicenter clinical study confirms Equia Forte is a suitable material for medium to large class II restorations.

This long-term randomised trial compares the clinical performance of a glass hybrid restorative system, Equia Forte, with a gold-standard nanohybrid composite (Tetric EvoCeram, Ivoclar Vivadent) in medium to large Class II restorations. 

The study was led by Ivana Miletic, who worked with a distinguished team of renowned professors from four different European Universities: Anja Baraba and Silvana Jukic Krmek (Zagreb University), Matteo Basso (Milan University), Tamara Peric and Dejan Markovic (Belgrade,University), Cygdem Atalayin Ozkaya, Hande Kemaloğlu and Lezize Sebnem Turkun (Ege university).

After having successfully followed up with 180 patients in four different countries, the authors were elated to see the presentation of their study ‘Five-year performance of glass-hybrid and nano-hybrid restoratives: Multi-centre clinical trial’ during the CED/NOF - IADR 2023 Congress, that took place in Rhodes, Greece.

With an informative and captivating presentation, Ivana Miletic, from Zagreb University, grabbed the attention of the audience while presenting the findings of this extensive research.

The study results revealed the similar clinical performance of Equia Forte and the benchmark nanohybrid composite after five years, offering clinicians the flexibility to choose the most suitable restorative solution for their patients based on individual needs and circumstances.

At the congress, Ivana said, “After five years of follow-up, our results demonstrate an excellent long-term success of glass hybrid. I am optimistic about these materials' expanding the restorative options without compromising the treatment outcomes for our patients.”

The authors are now eagerly awaiting the final publication of this remarkable study as a full manuscript.


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