Riding away the hours…

19 March 2021
4 min read

Sarah Bradbury discusses the pandemic’s impact on general health and fitness.

Last year’s very strange summer of coronavirus, lockdown, limited travel and unusually hot weather gave many of us the time and opportunity to rekindle our love of an old hobby or pastime, or to discover a new one.

2020 will be remembered as a significant year for each of us, and that can be in positive or negative ways; shock, worry and uncertainty but also for many unexpected space and time. When lockdown was suddenly thrust upon us, many of us suddenly found we didn’t need a dog or child as a reason to go for a walk. People started exploring their local area on foot or by bike, either by themselves or with their family.

Sport England noted the lockdown restrictions started with people too worried to leave their homes, but this soon eased. Some 60 per cent had reservations in the first couple of weeks, compared to 47 per cent six weeks in. People walking for exercise went up from 59 per cent in the first week to 63 per cent by the sixth, and cycling from eight to 13 per cent. 45 per cent of people on average kept active at home as well, using online exercise classes or just dancing around the living room!

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