Safeguard your investment

01 November 2021
3 min read

When you invest in new technology for your practice, you’re doing so much more than simply spending money on a system. After all, these pieces of technology can completely revolutionise the way you provide care, how you protect your staff and patients and even impact your reputation – a practice with cutting-edge technology is always going to be an appealing option.

But what about protecting this investment after purchase? There are lots of options for maintenance and breakdown cover out there, but do they include validation to the recommended standard and the legal requirement of PSSR pressure vessel testing? Here are some tips on how to choose services that are the best for you:

Does the manufacturer have its own team of engineers?
Dental equipment is complex. No matter whether it’s an autoclave or a washer disinfector, each piece of technology will have unique features. Unfortunately, this means that your average engineer won’t have the specialist knowledge to truly understand all of the systems that they work with, so in some cases you may not be receiving the very best assistance available if you opt for an engineer who isn’t attributed to a manufacturer.

When manufacturers have their own team of engineers, this usually means that these individuals have undergone extensive training specifically on how to maintain and repair the products in the manufacturer’s portfolio. This brings a number of benefits, as you are not only more likely to experience a swifter, more informed solution to any problems, but you can also guarantee that these individuals are going to give high-quality care as they have been endorsed by the manufacturer themselves.

How fast are their response times?

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction, response times are critical. The longer a system remains out of action, the more likely this is to cause significant disruption to your working schedule. In worse cases, an essential piece of equipment malfunctioning may also necessitate practice closure until the issue is fixed.

You can often gauge how fast response times are by looking at reviews that engineers have received and seeing what fellow professionals have to say. It’s also a good idea to check any service offerings on manufacturers’ websites and see what they promote as benefits – if they mention prioritising response times, you can rest assured that this is one of the aspects of care that they have taken into consideration.

Do they use original parts?
When equipment does require attention, it’s understandable that you want it up and running again as soon as possible – but have you considered the parts being used for repair?

It may seem tempting to use an engineer who can fix equipment with whatever parts they have, but in the long run, this may not be the best option. Think of it this way – every piece of dental equipment is the result of years of research and precision engineering, with each element designed to work in complete harmony. If a system is repaired using a part that wasn’t designed to work seamlessly with every other element, this can cause both short- and long-term problems, potentially leading to more repairs in the future that could have been avoided by using original manufacturer’s parts.

In light of this, it’s a smart idea to enquire about the parts that engineers use when weighing up the available services, especially as this can significantly impact your expenditure and the reliability of your system further down the line.

The use of original parts is just one of the guarantees you can rely on when you use Eschmann’s service offerings. As part of our Care & Cover policy, Eschmann provides scheduled annual validation and maintenance service visits in accordance with HTM01-05/SDCEP guidance, for total compliance. We also install the latest software updates for your systems free of charge, helping your practice to remain at the cutting-edge. With fast response times nationwide, expert knowledge of every system and no hidden charges, Eschmann Care & Cover includes Manufacturer’s Annual Validation & Pressure Vessel Certification (PSSR/PVI), unlimited breakdown cover (including call-outs, parts and labour), as well as annual Enhanced CPD user training for your staff. As such, our service package is the ideal safety net and ensures that you have absolute peace of mind that your systems won’t let you down and are compliant for use.

Services to suit you
Ultimately, the engineers you use for equipment validation, PSSR, maintenance and breakdown cover should be able to protect your investment and guarantee that it continues to help you provide an exceptional level of care. By weighing up aspects such as response times and the parts they use, you can make an informed choice moving forward.

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