SDF for effective treatment of dental caries in children

24 June 2020
2 min read

The technique is expected to be more widely used in the coming months as dental teams find ways to minimise aerosol generating procedures.

 Included among the resources is a Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) which has been made editable so hospitals and dental practices can add their own logo. A Standard Operating Procedure and a Consent Form have also been developed. A powerpoint explaining the background to the technique as well as a demonstration video to show how SDF is applied has been created and are on our YouTube channel.

 The resources have been compiled by Laura Timms, an Academic Clinical Fellow at the University of Sheffield Dental School with an interest in SDF. She has just won a prestigious joint grant from RCS and BSPD to make a video to explain the SDF technique to children.

She was motivated to understand more about the technique having been troubled by the extent of decay in some of her young patients; she wanted to find a treatment that would help keep them out of discomfort.

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