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11 April 2021

Catherine Rutland discusses the importance of professional solidarity.

Catherine Rutland discusses the importance of professional solidarity.

Is it me or has this last year of lockdown seemed like the shortest ever? Written like that the answer seems like a no, as in some ways it has been so long and so much has happened, however the speed we seem to have gone through it, in some ways has been so fast.

As the signs of spring emerge and the road map for the easing of restrictions is set out, it feels much easier to envisage a future and plan a little.

Having chaired a roundtable on the future of dentistry a few weeks ago, with people from different areas of the profession, there was much to talk about. Building their thoughts into a white paper we are currently working on, we wish to raise those common areas that the profession feel are important.

We are, relatively speaking, a small profession, and it can be difficult to create awareness in government of our issues and concerns. The pandemic and the closure of practices, shortage of appointments and the long term consequences of this have given us a voice that has not been so heard in parliament for many years. The voice of patients has also been raised, as we know, and this has added to the noise.

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