Simple whitening

01 July 2020
Volume 38 · Issue 7

Tif Qureshi presents a recent case study. This patient expressed an interest in veneers. However, he considered ABB, and after orthodontic treatment, he was happy but still wanted veneers.

 It was only after Philips Zoom DayWhite take home whitening gel that he changed his mind and then opted for edge bonding. His whitening comprised of four weeks of Philips Zoom DayWhite – 35 minutes a day, evening use with super sealed tray (which the new Zoom tray was based on).

The patient whitened every evening between 9-10 pm, and instructions were given to dry trays before application, clean teeth, swallow saliva, and suck air in over teeth before placing trays. Then, very importantly was advised to sit watching TV/or read with his mouth slightly apart, as ‘bouncing’ on trays is common and patients lose material and draw in saliva. After 25 minutes he removed the trays, cleaned, dried, then repeated.

After four weeks he was happy and edge bonding carried out – a new set of trays was made for top up bleaching.

The patient has returned for six-monthly checkups. He carries out top-up bleaching every three to six months for four to five days at 35-45 minutes a day, and treatment instructions are reinforced each time he purchases material from the practice. This means his teeth have not faded back, and arguably have got a little whiter over this time.

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