Speed and efficiency

01 July 2020
3 min read
Volume 38 · Issue 7

Speed and efficiency have been important aspects in dentistry for many years. The ability to deliver dental treatment in a short timeframe, without compromising on quality of the results achieved, benefits patients and practitioners alike. The advantages of maximising on both have become even greater in recent times, with many professionals looking for ways to really optimise appointment times as patients return to the practice. Finding the right materials, equipment and techniques is therefore crucial for all clinicians and their teams.


Patient satisfaction

Even prior to the events of 2020, many people sought efficient solutions in various areas of life. Modern society has long been about instant access – to information, other people, products and services, among many other examples. As such, most patients take a similar approach to their dental care and expect the same speed and efficiency in the treatments they receive from their dental team. Meeting or even exceeding their expectations for fast dental care that gets them out of pain or gives them the smile they’ve always wanted will lead to happy patients. They get the treatment they need, as well as the boost in self-confidence that comes from a healthy, beautiful smile. They are also likely to appreciate their oral health, in turn promoting continuity of their dental care.

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