Starting small or going big?

07 April 2021
2 min read

Don’t overlook your dental software – more often than not, it comes with a product purchase for free so you might not be aware of the benefits, or the possible problems, that you need to look out for.

Consider a dentist who buys a CBCT machine that comes with software, licenses and functions available, bundled in with the product purchase for free. By this point, the software may have already been overlooked. It’s always best to examine the benefits but consider the issues you could also encounter with your software.

If a dentist purchases one software for one purpose but then decides to evolve into another area of dentistry, they may need to purchase more equipment and also more software. Further down the line again, another equipment purchase means even more software to add. As you can imagine, this can all add up and be quite costly. Also, consider the extra time it takes for the dentist to learn how to use all of these different types of software.

Next you should contemplate that when you incorporate different software, your workflow ends up flawed. You will scan with one software, then import the image into another software to produce the implant plan, sending it to another software to produce the guide and so on.

And then be mindful that each software comes with a database. If you have lots of different software, you’ll have lots of different databases.

Romexis has everything in one place - just one database so you can capture, view and process all types of data in one system. Similar to the way Microsoft Office programmes all have the same general layout to make them user friendly, Romexis follows the same principle with an easy user interface showing everything from 2D to 3D implant planning etc.

Furthermore, you can download the brand-new application Romexis LabApp free of charge on Windows and macOS, and transfer patient data securely using the Romexis Cloud service.  LabApp has been especially designed for dental laboratories for easy communication with the dental clinic for receiving intraoral scans, but it can be used for all types of open data.

Simple to use, it is just what a digital workflow should be.

And you don’t need to have all Planmeca equipment to experience Romexis; you can start small with the Planmeca ProScanner 2.0 or go big with a Planmeca ProMax CBCT machine – either way you can evolve your digital workflow as your practice grows. Each time you add more digital equipment you can simply unlock the relevant section of Romexis and it is there already, you start with what you need and add more users and modules later.  No time-consuming downloads, nothing more to pay. Romexis brings all your equipment together and scales to your needs, from a single chair clinic up to a large hospital.

Last to note, it is future proof too. Through updates, new features and improvements are added frequently to keep it bang up to date.