Straightening out risks

22 January 2021
3 min read

Martin Foster discusses the medicolegal risks associated with orthodontics.

Although there has been a marked rise in mask-wearing across the world, the appetite for having a nice smile is unlikely to wear off anytime soon. We are all attracted to things which are easy on the eyes, so it is little wonder that so many patients will turn up in our surgeries wanting us to work some magic on them to enhance their appearance.

The profession has always been in the field of improving cosmetics and in recent times has witnessed the rise of what is essentially a mass market in adult orthodontics. This may be good news for those with cosmetically challenged smiles, but sometimes the magic does not deliver and dentists find themselves on the receiving end of complaints and claims from patients whose smiles are far from happy. So, what goes wrong?

There are recurring themes in orthodontic complaints, some more common than others.

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