'Students feel happy we have not cut them off' – dental teaching in a pandemic

20 July 2020
5 min read

 After some deliberation, it began teaching its students via online classes in webinars for student as a way to support and inspire their learning, which has been embraced by them, too. Shakqoor Shakeel is the director of the company. A registered dental hygienist, he is also a dental nurse tutor, NVQ assessor and examiner for the NEBDN. 


He says: ‘We missed our dental nurse students at the Dental Nursing Academy, which is why we hosted our first webinar to support them with their learning during lockdown. Here, he talks through his teaching philosophy.

What are the rewards of lecturing?

It’s really fulfilling and satisfying to see students, who start our course with no knowledge and no experience, develop into safe and well-prepared dental professionals. What's really nice is it gives people a job, a career and hope that they can do more and have a vast amount of career options once qualified. We get so excited when we certificate learners and seeing them progress.

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