Supporting patients with implants

20 April 2022
3 min read

Charleane McInally discusses what extra care needs to be given to this particular cohort of patients.

Patients do not always understand the level of commitment that comes with having implants and many presume that once they’re placed and restored, they are good to go. Dental professionals understand that this is not the case; no matter what procedure a patient has gone through the aftercare and support required is equally as significant. It’s important for patients to understand that having implants is a life-long journey, keeping them clean is essential, and there could be additional expenditure in the future.

A team approach
The support a patient receives throughout this process is integral to the success of the implants. In a recent webinar hosted by Helen Minnery, she suggested that a team approach should be taken by everyone involved in any part of the process, and ideally this starts pre-placement, continues during and post-placement. Everyone in the practice has a role to play in this approach and therefore the support becomes an integrated part of the patient’s experience.

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