Tatiana Williams wins BOS Against the Odds award

29 April 2019
2 min read

This was her earliest memory and over time she grew to accept it. However, Tatiana continued to be bothered by her teeth. Having scratched and misaligned teeth, as well as a peg tooth, made her conscious not only of her teeth but drew attention to the lower part of her face – the part of her that she felt most ashamed of.

At 23, she resolved to do something about it. She said, “Before my first consultation with Dr Mannan at The Orthodontic Practice at Battersea, I was apprehensive of having to wear braces for 18-24 months. Did I really want to draw more attention to my biggest insecurity? His incredible vision and reassurance allowed me to place my trust in him and accept that this was the best thing to do. The braces were fixed and no doubt, I was more self-conscious than ever before. However, with every visit, Dr Mannan’s continued motivation and genuine passion for helping me carried me through.”

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