The big bad wolf of dentistry?

20 June 2022
3 min read

Root canal treatment has acquired a reputation as an unpleasant, painful procedure over the years; yet, these misconceptions put patients with endodontic issues at risk of developing complications further down the line. Information obtained from non-medical sources is often incorrect, or based on personal opinions and assumptions. Keeping patients well-informed can often be a struggle as many rely on the convenience of the internet to find information.

Continuing to strive for excellent patient understanding and education is the reliable way to encourage patient confidence when considering root canal treatment.

No pain, no gain

A lack of pain in the affected area may prevent patients from seeking treatment. A study found that some patients may not experience pain from the progression of inflamed dental pulps to necrosis. Similarly, another study found that endo-perio lesions are often free of symptoms for long periods of time, until more acute symptoms develop.

Education and communication is crucial to ensure that patients recognise the various symptoms of a pulp infection. Those who experience symptoms, such as toothache, are advised to visit their dentist, yet those who do not experience pain may be less likely to desire treatment.

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