The environmental impact

19 January 2021

Rebecca Waters discusses how the pandemic has affected the world.

Rebecca Waters discusses how the pandemic has affected the world.

It is perhaps no surprise that the ongoing pandemic has caused a variety of significant consequences, especially in regard to healthcare. However, while the wider focus has been on the nature of the virus itself, its spread and containment, there are also unforeseen consequences that should be considered.

The impact the pandemic has had on the environment, in particular, is one that needs to be highlighted, especially as dental practices can do their bit to help moving forwards.

During the first national lockdown in 2020, it seemed that there were many beneficial environmental changes occurring. Indeed, between reports of the canals in Venice running crystal clear and videos of animals returning to previously urban spaces, it seemed that the lack of human activity was giving the planet a chance to rest and recharge.

In many ways this was true. Flights were grounded and people stopped using cars and other modes of transport as frequently, environmental pollution (air pollution, noise pollution and so on) fell as much as 30 per cent in places, and oil prices fell drastically across the globe due to a halt in manufacturing and industry.

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