The green dream

01 February 2018
5 min read

The BDIA Dental Showcase is a focal point in the dental calendar, offering delegates the opportunity to discover the latest technology and materials that the dental trade has to offer. Last year’s event was more than just an exhibition though, boasting an impressive programme of lectures and presentations to further enhance delegates’ opportunities to understand the changing world of dentistry.  One of the presentations was by Brett Duane, a dentist and associate professor of dental public health. Brett discussed the subject of environmental sustainability and the difference the dental profession could make to the world. Brett’s talk was enlightening and I met up with him shortly after Showcase to discuss the matter in more detail.



As an ardent environmentalist myself I am aware of some of the stereotypes that exist, with a cadre of ‘tree
hugging’ radical protestors all too often being seen as the majority within the movement. Brett however is a great example of the growing number of rational and reasonable skilled professionals who believe in the cause of sustainability and want to work pragmatically towards the implementation of sensible reforms.

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