The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry joins forces with the WelcoMe App

21 July 2021
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The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry have introduced the socially-inclusive WelcoMe App at the practice – becoming the first dental practice in the UK to install this technology. WelcoMe is a cloud-based patient service platform solution, enabling disabled patients to plan personalised assistance in advance of arriving (at the practice) via the easy-to-use app.

Mervyn Druian comments, “We are very proud to be teaming up with WelcoMe. Not only does it put the disabled person in the driving seat of their visit, but the app is also a fantastic staff training tool on disability awareness. We greatly care about and value all our patients; if as a result of WelcoMe our team has better knowledge and training, it makes our patient service even more inclusive, before the person steps through the door. Visiting a dentist can be a daunting experience for all, but we hope this app goes some way to making our disabled patients’ visit as positive and as comfortable as possible.”

Gavin Neate, founder and CEO of WelcoMe, said, "Disabled people have been unequally affected by this pandemic. It is therefore incredibly encouraging when we engage with businesses that are placing their access and communication needs highly as we transition through lockdown. The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry is the first in their sector to embrace our innovative staff training in advance of arrival technology. We look forward to them proving what is possible in their industry and supporting more and more disabled people with both hidden and visible conditions".

Using the app, disabled patients build and share an accessibility profile and can inform the practice when they are attending and their specific needs. Once they are on route, the practice can track where the user is and be at the door ready to welcome and assist where necessary. WelcoMe businesses receive real time training and clear guidance on how to interact with customers directly related to their needs, disabilities or conditions they disclose, and in return disabled visitors are provided with key up to date accessibility and assistance information. The WelcoMe app is supported by leading charities, such as RNIB, Alzheimer’s Society, Deafblind UK and caters for a wide range of disabilities, including deafness, autism, dementia, visual impairment and stammering.

Features and benefits of WelcoMe include:

  • WelcoMe is a cloud-based customer service platform solution to enable disabled visitors to plan personalised assistance in advance of arriving at a venue using the app.
  • Provide disabled visitors with key up to date accessibility and assistance information.
  • Enables participating venues to manage, understand and provide direct communication with visitors to ensure their staff can support their visitors’ needs and requirements in real time to ensure any changes or issues can be supported.
  • The customer service team receive a notification about their visitors visit, an overview about their disability/condition, top tips for interaction and a customised message from the visitor.
  • Both the overview and the top tips have been given by leading charities and organisations in the relevant areas and updated regularly current terminology and best practices.

Download the WelcoMe App for free!

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