The Missing Piece: BDA sets out 2019 manifesto for oral health

18 November 2019
2 min read

Setting out its key priorities for the next parliament, the Association has built on work that has secured a Health Committee Enquiry into NHS dentistry, forced government to change tack on fines, and helped secure extension of the Practitioner Health Programme to dentists.

In a call for a joined-up approach, the BDA has backed parallel action around three core priorities:  

The BDA is already actively engaging with the major parties and is leading with calls for support and workforce initiatives extended to other health professions to be applied consistently to dentists. 

The latest BDA survey indicates half of dentists (50.3 per cent) are actively considering reducing NHS hours to avoid exposure to pensions tax charges, and the BDA is pressing for the profession to be extended the same flexibilities offered to medics.

In a bid to stem the ongoing recruitment and retention crisis the BDA has said lessons must also be learned from successes such as the GP Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme, alongside the restoration of commitment payments. Currently the lowest levels of morale are among practitioners with the highest NHS commitment.

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