The power of local search

09 June 2021
4 min read

In the first of a two-part series, Danny Hall of FSE Digital explores how dental practices can increase their local search traffic.

Whilst patients might travel from further afield than they used to for the right dental care – especially for those offering specialist or cosmetic treatments – dentistry is still, at its heart, a local service.

Therefore, to futureproof your business, you need to ensure you’re guaranteeing yourself a healthy share of your potential local patients. A big part of this is making sure your website is as visible as possible to people making local searches. Regardless of whether you have a full-service digital agency to hand or are trying to juggle marketing alongside your main operations internally, there are a number of simple, practical ways, to achieve this.

Why is optimising for local search important?
Local SEO, the practise of optimising your web presence to appear higher in the search engines for relevant queries made within your geographic region, can benefit all kinds of industries, but for those who operate locally rather than nationally, it’s crucial.

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