The right bookkeeping package

19 May 2021
2 min read

Nathan Poole considers the value of online software to dental practices.

I first started assessing online bookkeeping software many years ago when numerous products including Xero were released in the UK but were pretty much unheard of. I wanted to know what to recommend to clients so evaluated all the packages available. QuickBooks had not launched in the UK but with some determination I managed to evaluate the American version. I wanted software that was user friendly to non-accountants and bookkeepers as most of my clients were not trained in double entry bookkeeping.

I also wanted to pick a company that was going to survive the initial scramble and had the resources to develop the software to reach its potential. I chose QuickBooks and Xero as both were well established companies with strong financial resources to enable them to grow and had user friendly software. Both companies have thrived since, so I feel we made the right choices.

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