The right time?

20 April 2022
4 min read

Dean Barker explains why selling now could be the best option.

We all know that times change, and the dental market is a prime example of this. The last two years have seen unprecedented challenges for dental professionals, with the Covid-19 pandemic creating added pressure. With the many changes to how dentists are able to operate their businesses, these last couple of years will no doubt be remembered as some of the most challenging in the history of the profession.

Although lockdowns are now thankfully over, dentists are still subject to a significantly higher amount of regulations than ever before – from the requirements for more stringent hygiene protocols and restrictions on the number of patients that can be seen on a daily basis. Such regulations are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Increased costs and an uncertain future
The cost burden of these new regulations only adds to the already high cost of running a dental practice. Dentists have had to adopt new technologies, update their equipment and hire additional staff to meet these demands and obligations. In addition to these challenges comes a lot of uncertainty about the future. This has led many dentists to reconsider their business model and question whether they can continue providing high[1]quality dental care at a sustainable profit.

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