The stress of being sued

19 November 2021
3 min read

Lucy Nichols discusses the process of litigation and the importance of perspective.

Dental negligence claims can drag on for years. The process can be incredibly distressing and can lead to tears and sleepless nights. Trying to find some perspective can be very challenging when you’re the one at the centre of what feels like a very personal attack. Understanding the process is important. A good indemnity organisation will help to de-mystify the process at the outset, so you know what to expect.

Soon after I passed my driving test I was heading to school and as I approached a traffic light it turned amber. I thought the car in front and I would go through before the red but instead it came to a fairly swift halt. I had misjudged things and crashed into the back of their car. I felt sick to my stomach as I saw the driver and passenger’s heads whip forward from the force of the collision. Luckily no-one was hurt, the driver and passenger were friendly and kind and there was no obvious damage to either car. However, it turned out the driver had taken her car to the garage to be checked and there was creasing of the metalwork inside the boot. This would cost a few hundred pounds to fix. Thankfully it was all sorted out through the car insurance so was never a real source of stress for me.

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